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Grant Policy

Our group checks claim submissions twice a week, we will aim to get back to you within three working days. 

We accept claims for the cost of medications, food, bills, transport to appointments, counselling and anything related to your transition at a maximum of £60 per claim under our General Assistance Grant scheme. We can also help cover bills, and other rising living costs. We help cover large cost emergencies such as urgent bills, rent and deposits for housing under our Emergency Funds Grant scheme. These grants are assessed on a case to case basis, and we may not be able to cover the whole cost. Our first priority will be costs associated with physiological needs, e.g. food, bills, housing, things you need to live. We don’t consider grants for pet related costs, there are alternative pet-orientated and pet-specific resources available elsewhere.

The content you put in the description category will be listed publicly on the page, so please do not include information you wish to remain confidential in that text box. Comments are private, so use those please.

When applying for funding please attach your email or social media we can contact you, in case we need further details. If you have any receipts, copies of bills or invoices related to your claim, please attach them as well as it will help us process your claim faster. We may also ask for some form of identity verification, this may include social media pages or a timestamped selfie. (We are aware not everyone will have ID or social media in their chosen name and take that into account when checking ID.)

Our funds may also be used to help cover the admin side of running Trans Aid Cymru, these may include but are not limited to: cost of web hosting, legal fees, promotional material and the cost of posting resources. If you are submitting for any of these, please include copies of invoices/receipts.

Ready to submit an application? Click here for our guide to apply for a grant.

If you have any questions regarding funding, you can contact us at or on Twitter!