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Surgery Aftercare Resources

(Opens a .PDF file)

(Opens a .PDF file)

What's in a Surgery Pack?
Essential and optional items to aid in your recovery
Hygiene & General Care
- 2 packs of baby wipes
- Deodorant
- Dry shampoo
- Reusable hot & cold pack
Top Surgery
Wound Care & Scar Healing
- Hibiscrub
- Surgical micropore tape
- Silicone scar sheets
- Emollient (E45)
- Moisturizer (diprobase/doublebase/hydromol)
- Coconut oil/Almond old
- Bio-oil
- A spare post-op binder
Lower Surgery
Wound care, douching & scar healing
- Disposable cotton pads/reusable pads
- Baby lotion
- Large maxi pads
- Kelo-cote
- Hibiscrub
- Sterile saline solution
- Aquesous Fresh cream
- Femfresh sensitive skin intimate wash
Lower Surgery
- Puppy pads
- KY jelly
- A small, hand-held mirror
- Soul Source dilators
Comfort & Convenience
- Bendable drinking straws
- Back scratcher
- Litter-picking stick
- Long-lead phone charger
- Lap tray
- High-protein snacks
- Sweets
Bedding & Clothes
- Travel pillow (neck pillow)
- Wedge pillow

For Top Surgery
- V-shaped pillow
- 4 pillowcases for the V-shaped pillow
- 2 button-up shirts
- 1 zip-up hoodie

For Lower Surgery
- Donut pillow
- 6 pillowcases for the donut pillow
- Soft, loose pyjama bottoms
Everyone's journey to healing is different and you should always follow the advice given to you by your care team.
Good luck with your recovery!

(Opens a .PDF file)

(Opens a .PDF file)

How do I apply for a Surgery Grant?

Applying for a grant is pretty simple once you get the hang of it! Let’s go through it together!

Image showing the Surgery Pack Fund project on Open Collective.
The 'Actions' dropdown is open and the 'Submit expense' option is highlighted

First up click the ‘submit expense’ button in the upper right corner of our ‘Surgery Pack Fund’ page, under the ‘Actions’ drop-down

You’ll be asked to sign in or register with your email address

Screenshot showing the 'Sign in using yoru email address' pop-up
Screenshot showing the 'Submit expense' page. The Request Grant option is selected

Once you’ve logged in you’re going to want to click the ‘Request Grant’ option

You will then need to fill out the payment details. These won’t be shown on our public page and are only used to process payments

Screenshot showing the 'Payee information' form
Screenshot showing the grant submission form

Write a title that describes what you are asking for. These are public so don’t include any personal information. The description is where you can go into further details and only Trans Aid Cymru admins will see what you write here. Include the amount you are requesting (Up to £50). We will need you to upload some evidence (e.g. an NHS letter or letter from your surgeon).

You’ll be shown a page with all the details for you to confirm. Scroll to the bottom and hit submit!

Screenshot showing the grant form 'Submit request' button

Congrats, you’ve just submitted a grant request! We will get back to you through the comments and you will receive email updates