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Third-Party Resources



First call of action would be Housing Options, each council will have their own one, so you will need to search LOCATION Housing Options to find the correct contact details. Below is Cardiff’s one.

There are other support services that will be able to give advice in complex situations that may need further support.

Supported housing

Council Housing

First call of action would be Housing Options, each council will have their own one, so you will need to search LOCATION Housing Options to find the correct contact details. Below is Cardiff’s one.

Council Tax

First call will be the council’s own support. Often they have budgeting support workers who can help break down the costs and how to deal with it. They can help with payment plans, and it’s always best to make sure that they’re aware you want to repay the debt.

To help people find a reduction, use this link:

For more information about further discounts and how to complain, check this out.

If you’re a student, here is how to get your council tax paused for the year.


Discretionary housing payment details and application. They can pay up to 6 months of your rent and cover deposits when moving house.

Cardiff & Vale residents can receive specialist support from Citizens Advice regarding private rental debt.

Landlord Problems

Always get things in writing, keep a copy of your contract for reference throughout your tendency. Take photos of any damage and keep in a folder in case needed.

ACORN is an amazing tenancy union who can help people with complex housing issues. It does cost money to join, but they are able to expertly deal with landlords and agencies.

Legal advice from the government, including what the landlord should be doing and what to do when complications arise.

Shelter Cymru can also provide support.

Bills & Utilities

Electric & Heating

NEA’s WASH Advice Service is a support service providing advice to householders in Wales on their energy bills and keeping warm and safe in their home. They can also help with benefits advice and income maximisation. Can be phoned, or chat online.

If you are in Cardiff & the Vale, Citizen’s Advice has a funded service to help get people on the cheapest provider.

British Gas give away grants regardless of if they are your supplier

If you’re on a pre-payment energy meter, and you are struggling to afford credit for your energy card, Fuel Bank can help you with a FREE £49 fuel voucher (it’s not a loan, you don’t have to pay it back!)

Winter fuel discount scheme is a £100 payment for those on benefits to help with the cost of fuel prices. Open between 1 September 2022 and 31 January 2023. This is the Cardiff link, but if you search “Winter Fuel Support Scheme” and the county you are based in you can find the relevant link.

There is also the warm home discount scheme, this is run by the government and is £140 off your electricity bill for winter 2022 to 2023 between November and March. This is paid directly to your supplier, and you apply through your supplier.


Phone, Internet or TV Bill



Trans Informed is a free tool which allows you to generate a clear document to act as an aid when talking to your GP about accessing HRT


Spectra have a service where you can work with a trans specific healthcare advocate

Period Products


Swansea Takes On Period Poverty provides free period supplies and boxes within the Swansea area


St Mellons pantry have sanitary products available

Cardiff Met offers products at their SU

Splott Community Volunteers at Breakfast Club in the Old Splott Library, Singleton Road, CF24 2ET every Thursday morning between 8-10am. They provide free sanitary products to those in need.

Mental Health

People should contact their GP when they feel they may be struggling with their mental health. Your GP can talk about options and can make a note on your record, so others involved in your medical care may be aware. You can use emergency appointments to talk to your GP about these issues.

Asylum have made a fantastic alternative resource guide, full of support that is outside the NHS mental health system.

Acute Mental Health Crisis

Going to A&E is your best option. If at all possible, someone should accompany for support, as they are likely to be waiting a long time and may need someone to explain to nurse/doctors.

Calling 999 or 111 is also an option, but they will likely tell you to go to A&E if it’s a crisis situation. They may also send out an ambulance. The ambulance staff may or may not take them to A&E. They cannot provide medication and will likely only talk to the person in distress. After the ambulance has been, often a police officer will be sent out to make sure the interaction ended without danger. Be aware of this when accepting an ambulance to come out to the situation.

Linden House is based in Cardiff and open to residents of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. It is Wales’ only therapeutic alternative to hospital for people who are experiencing distress or crisis. It is only available through the Crisis Team (most likely to happen in A&E), and stays are limited to a week maximum. (If this is an option, the person in crisis needs to bring this up during this crisis assessment, the team doesn’t seem to bring it up themselves.)

If the person you are supporting with a CMHT (Community Mental Health Team) they will need to contact them for support. They will be able to help more than A&E will and will be familiar with their mental health history. They are usually open Mon-Fri 9-5. If the crisis is outside this time, go to A&E and the notes will be passed along to CMHT.

For more information and options, check out Mind’s page



There are a few directories for finding counsellors for your specific needs, these are trans specific ones.

Mind are a charity focused on support folks struggling with their mental health. They can offer online peer support, counselling, and group therapy.



Support Groups

All T*, No Shade – Cardiff, Valleys and Vale

Glitter Cymru – A community group for BAME LGBT+ people in Cardiff

State of Mind is a Wales-wide project that works with young people between the ages of 17 and 25.

Bridgend out of hours support group for young people

Mental health support for 13-16 year olds in Swansea, Neath and Port Talbot

Wellbeing and mental health support for families in Caerphilly

Swansea Marina social walks, free hot drinks provided


Swansea based sliding scale

Substance Abuse

Cyfle Cymru – Meeting the needs of vulnerable people facing complex life challenges in Swansea, Neath Port Talbot or Bridgend. Clients need to be stable and be willing / able to participate in 1-1 mentoring support and groups.

Disability Support

Disability Support

Disabled people are eligible for adaptations to their home to make sure they are safe and supported. These are done by the council, and you will need an assessment. You do not need to be receiving disability benefits to be eligible for this.

Direct Payments is a scheme run by social services to enable disabled people to have support in their home. Local social services need to be contacted to start the process.

Support for people with dementia

Carer Support

Young Carer is defined as anyone under 18 who takes a caring role for someone in their life.

Young Adult Carers are carers from the age 16-25 who takes a caring role for someone in their life.

Carers of these ages are eligible for extra support from charities and support groups. You can find them here:

Free counselling for unpaid carers within Vale of Glamorgan

Carers are eligible for an assessment to help them with their caring role. This is done by the local council. They can recommend local support, provide equipment to help you and respite.

Carers can get £67.60 a week if they care for someone at least 35 hours a week and the person they care for receives disability benefits.

Citizens Advice have a specialised advice service for those with complex needs.

Abuse & Violence Support

Myriad run an 8-week-long course, online and in person. To be eligible, you will need to identify as LGBTQ+ and have left an abusive relationship

Galop is a LGBTQ+ specific domestic abusive support service. They have specific trans support workers and a helpline

New Pathways – Sexual violence crisis and counselling support service
New Pathways provides crisis, advocacy, wellbeing and counselling services for people affected by rape, sexual assault or sexual abuse. These services are open to all, including Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) and Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs), and are independent from the police


For Teachers

Gendered Intelligence’s “Good Practice for Supporting Young Trans People” a downloadable PDF on supporting young people in your classrooms

Trevor Project – a good resource for a complete newbie to LGBT+

Stonewall Cymru’s resources for schools and colleges – these range from booking workshops to printable resources for your classroom

Inc Project – provides resources and information for schools to support trans, non-binary and gender exploring young people.


Cardiff’s residents can get help with the cost of further education


Finding Work

Peer support for finding work for people with depression or addiction problems


Cardiff Schemes

Free food from an independent food bank. They’re based on Facebook and you will need an account to reach out. They do delivery, but can charge up to £3 for this. Based in Western Leisure Center.

Cathays Community Center has a community fridge that is free to take food from, it’s on the left of their courtyard and towards the back. Also near Wild Thing. The Facebook page is not updated often.

Food for Life is a Hare Krishna run group that make free plant based food for those in need. They have a sign-up page on their website and can deliver.

Tavs Cardiff run a food co-op where for £2 you can get a food parcel worth £15 every Thursday evening. They also occasionally offer free bags to those who are struggling.

Splo-Down are a food co-op based in Oasis Center’s courtyard, boxes are usually £4! They do free boxes for those in need and if you buy a community pass you can pre-book boxes.

Splott Community Volunteers have a Breakfast Club in the Old Splott Library, Singleton Road, CF24 2ET every Thursday morning between 8-10am.

St Mellons Pantry – Membership-led food pantry where members pay £5 a week & receive £15-20 worth of good quality healthy food

Merthyr Tydfil Schemes

Pembrokeshire Schemes


Wales-based Online Groups

Trans Aid Cymru

All T No Shade Cardiff, Valleys and the Vale


Spectra runs a peer support group, you can apply and be supported by a trans mentor

Spectra runs online meetup groups for both trans and non-binary people

Other Online Groups

LGBTQ+ HangOuts by LGBT Heroes

Consortium is a great resource for finding social groups online and in person! They have several filters, including location.

Wales-based In-person Groups

Trans Aid Cymru (Cardiff, twice a month)

Glitter Cymru – A community group for BAME LGBT+ people in Cardiff

Impact – (Cardiff, once a week 13-21)

TSMU (Cardiff, once a month – currently only zoom)

Constellation (Cardiff 12-16 and 17-25 year old groups)

Newport LGBTQ+ Youth Group (Newport 11-25)

TRANSport – Newport and the surrounding areas (Once a month, supported by Trans Aid Cyrmu)

LGBT+ Newport

Umbrella Cymru’s #FreeToBe group (Online 11-18)

Mermaids Youth Forum Drop in (Online) –

Good Vibes LGBT+ Youth Group for 11-25 year olds runs every Tuesday at YMCA Swansea

Molly’s House – Neath Port Talbot. Do meetups and film nights

Sadie’s Butterflies – Swansea every last Friday of the month near Clydach

Swansea Transgender Network – Once a month

Support for Parents or Carers of Children

Support Resources

These are mostly reading and some videos on how to support children when they come out to you.

Support Groups

Gendered intelligence (Zoom meetings once a month) –

Mermaids “What Now?” sessions (Online) –

Mermaids Parents Community (Online, forum) They also announce any of their residential events in here, more info in the second link –

Mermaids local meetups (In person, locations listed in link)

Umbrella Cymru’s Embrace group (Online) –

Workshops & Socials

Free pottery workshops for people with depression in Cardiff

Mental Health Swims are a wild swim support group. They meet up and provide a social group to swim with

LeatherMen social and fetish meetups, usually in Cardiff but some in Swansea as well

Gay Outdoor Club is a social group that go hiking and other outdoor activities. They have groups across Wales. The first four months are usually free, and then they charge a small fee. Hikes are usually 6-8 miles.

Financial Assistance

General Advice

Citizens Advice Cardiff and the Vale run a support service for those with complex benefit casework or debt.

Cardiff has a money advice service, they’ve able to support folks with a wide range of things from benefit applications, preventing eviction, and applying for grants.

Legal + Voting Advice

North Wales legal advice, specifically focuses on immigration and asylum but have experience with criminal law

LGBT Hero voting resource – a resource on voting id and how to vote

Finding specific support

If you need something specific not listed here, these are links to databases that can be searched for groups and resources!

A national network of user-led organisations, can be searched by region or user type.

UK wide network of LGBTQ+ groups