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Our Projects

Welsh meetups

We currently run meetups in Cardiff and Newport for trans, intersex, and nonbinary people. These are open to anyone over the age of 17.

Our Cardiff meetups are currently every two weeks! One is held in Cathays Community Center on Saturdays and the other in Geek Retreat Cardiff on Mondays. Our Newport meetups are currently happening once a month.

You can find the dates for all these meetings in our Facebook group or message us for access to our Discord Announcement server.


Our trans friendly GP map aims to help transgender and non-binary folk find a GP near them that will be affirming and trained in the new Welsh Gender Clinic pathway.

There are a few different types of markers on here and some of them are colour coded. All positive reviews are in blue, negative reviews are marked with red. The green markers are locations of the Local Gender Team. The Local Gender Team are trained by the Welsh Gender Service (WGS) and will know how to prescribe hormones once you have been seen by the WGS. They may not all be GPs, but it’s handy to know where they are located as you may see them during your transition.

You may also see that some practices or GPs have recommended by Quinney in their notes. This means Dr Sophie Quinney has vouched for them being trans and non-binary friendly. Dr Quinney has been training GPs in the new WGS pathway and is a great ally to trans healthcare.


Please contact us to let us know about experiences you’ve had with your GP! We want to hear about the good and the bad! It’s important for us to hear about varied experiences from trans and non-binary people to build an accurate picture of which GPs will be understanding and provide good quality medical care free of discrimination.


We can provide Surgery Recovery Packs, free of charge, to trans, intersex and nonbinary people who have gender or sex affirming surgeries.

These packs will be tailored to people’s individual needs, but may include items such as reusable ice packs, pads, spare post-op binders, specialised pillows and other items to help recovery go as smoothly as possible.

How do I apply?

We are currently able to offer 2 full packs per month, so if you are due to have surgery in the next 10 weeks, please submit a form to request one.

For top surgeries click here!

For lower surgeries click here!

For other gender-affirming surgeries, please email us at

Whether you request a full pack or only need a few items, please get in touch! All the requests for a pack are considered and responded to on the 1st and 15th of every month, and items are sent out as soon as possible.

Swimming events

We run a swimming event every month in Cardiff! The whole pool is rented out just for trans, nonbinary, and intersex people, as well as their friends and family.

Tickets are free, or a donation of £5.50 to help Trans Aid Cymru host to support trans people across Wales! For safety reasons, we keep details of this event and where to get tickets private. You can find out more by joining our private Facebook group using the link below, or joining our Discord Announcement server. Message us at the links below to join!


Trans Aid Cymru is starting a project to connect Trans, Intersex, and Nonbinary (TIN) people who want a meal with people who have the spare time and food to cook one!

At the moment the project is focussing on the Roath/Cathays area of Cardiff, but if you need a meal and are outside of that area, we’ll coordinate with our drivers group to arrange it!

If you’d like to volunteer to be part of this project email us to join our WhatsApp group! If you need a meal for any reason, reach out on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or email us at

If you want to receive food you just need to fill out this form, and it’ll be sent to our Area Coordinator!

How does it work?

A Meal Share WhatsApp has been set up. If you want to provide a meal, you can contact your Area Coordinator through the group and make arrangements for delivery or pick-up to their freezer.

If you want to receive a meal, you can contact your Area Coordinator with your requirements and they will either arrange for delivery or pick-up of existing stock stored in the freezer, or they’ll send out a message to the WhatsApp group with (anonymous) details of your request.

It’s then up to you whether you’d like to be connected directly with the person who’s volunteered to provide food (to give them your address and arrange a time for delivery/pick-up), or whether you’d like to go through your Area Coordinator so that your contact details or address aren’t given to anyone.

At the moment, we only have an Area Coordinator for the Roath and Cathays area. If people outside that area want to provide or receive meals, we’ll have to coordinate it with our Driver’s Group. But as the project grows and more people want to get involved, our hope is to have Area Coordinators for plenty of other areas in South Wales.

Mutual aid makes no distinction between those who give and those who receive. The point is that the aid is mutual. We help each other out, and that help is given freely. Those who can, contribute. And those who need, receive.

Trans in Wales stickers

Stickers with a QR code on that leads to our Carrd full of resources for trans people in Wales! These are pay what you can, with donations being used to print more.

These stickers are super durable and are a great way to help other trans people find resources. We provide these on a pay what you can basis, with the suggested donation being £3. This helps us buy more, post them and give them to those who may not be able to afford them otherwise. We send out 6 stickers for each order. They are sent out when our volunteers are able, so may take up to two weeks to post. All information submitted is deleted once the stickers have been sent out.


As part of our workshop scheme we have recorded some workshops and made guides to go with them! We know life is busy so if you missed a workshop or want to revisit it you can out the resources we have here!

Who ran these workshops?

These online resources have been funded by Umbrella Cymru and METRO Charity as part of our workshop series for 2021!

Everyone who worked for these workshops and courses have been fully paid for their time. This means we’ve been able to support members of the TIN community while also supporting people through the workshops. To see recordings of the workshops and attached guides click the link below!



Funded by Umbrella Cymru and METRO Charity we’re running a series of free workshops throughout 2021 aimed towards the TIN community!

What can I expect?

From January to July we are running at least three workshops each month! These range from art based workshops, to practical skills that can help you through your transition and everyday life.

All the workshops will be moderated by TIN members of the community, and we require prebooking through Eventbrite. The Zoom link will be emailed out before the event. Signing up is important to make sure you can enter the room. You don’t have to join in on webcam, we welcome people to join in the chat! (Trans Life Drawing does require camera use at the start for safeguarding reasons) If you have any questions or concerns about the workshops shoot us an email at


The idea behind the Mutual Aid Gardening Project is that while it might be unrealistic for one person to feed themselves from their one garden, we believe it is possible to help each other out.

The most effective way to garden together is quality, not quantity. Get really, really good at growing one or two things and share them! And others will get really, really good at growing something different and share it with you.

By sharing what we grow with each other, and with others who need it, we can reduce the amount of fresh produce that we have to buy and provide for each other at low cost.

How does it work?

We have set up a WhatsApp group for this mutual aid gardening project. If we put our heads together and communicate through this group chat, we can produce a varied range of crops to share with one another, as well as with anyone who is in need of some fresh fruit or veg.

We also want to share skills and resources, as well as our crops! We’ll share tips and advice with one another, ask questions, give support, and even share tools.

A really important aspect of this project is that its mutual aid. We’re doing this together! It’s not just a way for you to provide for this community, it’s also a way for you to reduce your food budget and increase your gardening skills! So don’t be afraid to take people up on their offers when they harvest their crops and want to share them around.

To make it practical for us to share our crops and tools, a fairly small area is needed, so this group has been set up for people in and around Cardiff.

To join us just shoot an email to and include your phone number so we can add you to the WhatsApp group!