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Distribution of funds to trans, intersex and non-binary (TIN) people who are in need in Wales as been a part of our work since the instigation of our organisation as an informal mutual aid group. In order to formalise the process so that we can be transparent about whom we are giving funds to and why, we have sorted our requests into grants.

We currently offer three grants:

General Assistance Grant

The General Assistance Grant is a small amount of up to £60 that is given to trans, intersex and non-binary (TIN) people who need funds for medication, food, bills, transport to medical appointments, counselling, immediate living costs, or any other costs incurred that create a need for TIN people in Wales. We also support TIN folk with bills and living expenses.

Trans Aid Cymru allocates £2000 General Assistance Grants per month, available on the 1st and 15th of every month. We rollover if there is any budget left from the previous month to the next month. You can read our General Assistance Grant policy here.

You can apply for the General Assistance Grant by going to Open Collective and following the instructions to submit an expense. We also have a guide here for extra guidance.

Emergency Funds Grant

The Emergency Funds Grant exists to provide support for TIN people in Wales from experiencing financial emergencies. This could be because of a housing emergency, unemployment, or other large unexpected expenses. The grant has no minimum or maximum cap. We may not always be able to pay out the full amount requested, but we do aim to ensure that no TIN individual in Wales is left in a financial emergency.

If you are a TIN person in Wales experiencing a financial emergency, please go to our Open Collective and follow the instructions to submit an expense. We also have a guide here if you need extra guidance. Alternatively, you can talk to us about the situation beforehand by emailing us or reaching out on Twitter.

Fundraiser Booster Grant

The Fundraiser Booster Grant is a one-time donation of £50 made to trans, non-binary and intersex people’s fundraisers. We boost the fundraiser of a Wales-based TIN person over a two-week period. Halfway through this period, we donate £50 to said fundraiser. Each fundraiser is chosen randomly, unless there is an immediate urgency to the fundraiser (for example, if the fundraiser is to avoid homelessness).

If you have a fundraiser that you would like us to add to our ‘to boost’ list, please email us at or contact us on Twitter.

*While we aim to fund two fundraiser booster grants every month, this is subject to funds. If we do not have sufficient money to fund Emergency Funds Grants and General Assistance Grants as well as Fundraiser Booster Grants, the other funds will take precedence.